10 Tips to Make Your Makeup Cosmetics Last Longer

Here are 10 tips to make your makeup last longer. These tips are thoroughly researched from the makeup tutorials and tested as well. They all worked on me, try them out yourself and see the results.

I have pen down all the tips that I compiled after watching all the makeup tutorials. This guide has all those necessary hacks that other makeup tutorials and online guides shortfall.

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Following are those 10 tips listed below:

#1 – Do skin preparation

#2 – Make a habit of using primer

#3 – Pick the right shade of foundation for yourself

#4 – Use loose powder for makeup settling

#5 – Try to use waterproof makeup products

#6 – Use less makeup product for a natural look

#7 – Use a makeup setting spray

#8 – Freshen up your makeup and lip products

#9 – Avoid touching your face when makeup is applied

#10 – Blot rather than applying layers of makeup on your face


Now let us have a detailed look on each of this tip.

1: Do skin preparation

skin prep

When you are ready to do makeup by watching your favorite makeup tutorials, the first and most important step is to do skin prep. Prepping your skin is perhaps one of the most crucial stages in achieving long-lasting makeup.

Your skin preparation will not only exfoliate your skin, but it also helps to moisturize your skin keeping it away from dryness.

Your skin will feel more fresh and clean if you exfoliate it. It also prevents any leftover dead skin cells from peeling off your makeup.

Hydrating your skin will provide a smooth surface for your makeup to adhere to, as well as assist you avoid fine wrinkles and creases that appear as the day progresses.

2: Make a habit of using primer

applying primer

Make a habit of applying primer every time you start doing your makeup. This is a must have makeup product recommended by all the makeup artists in their makeup tutorials.

We also were not sure about this tip but then we tried it out ourselves and it really turned out to be really good. The moisturizer will be sealed in, and the surface will be smooth. Long-lasting makeup benefits from primers with a sticky feel since they offer firm adherence to your foundation making it last longer on your skin without being cakey.

Your eyeshadow will also stay longer and won’t crease if you prime your eyelids before you begin applying heavy makeup products. Before applying the shadows, add concealer and a setting powder.

3: Pick the right shade of foundation for yourself


This is a must-do if you want your makeup to last. A foundation that is primarily oil-based will easily slide off your face.

I recommend choosing a matte foundation over a dewy one since matte foundations last longer. Long-wear foundation formulations are also a smart idea to search for. Even if you won’t be wearing it all day, 24-hour wear foundations are a fantastic way to go.

4:  Use loose powder for makeup settling

powder for long lasting makeup

Use loose powder as instructed in all the makeup tutorials. This is because setting makeup using a powder is another important component of long-lasting makeup. This will keep your liquid cosmetics from slipping off your face and travelling around! It also provides for a bit extra coverage if you want that appearance.

One of the reasons individuals prefer to “bake” is for long-lasting cosmetics. To keep your makeup from moving or oxidizing during the day, use translucent setting powder beneath your eyes, on your forehead, nose, and chin. It also keeps your makeup from creasing and fine wrinkles from appearing.

The easiest approach to guarantee that your makeup lasts all day is to set any your makeup with a powder equivalent.

5: Try to use waterproof makeup products

water proof makeup

If you watch experts’ makeup tutorials you will find out that they recommend using waterproof products.

Why is that so?

It is because when you travel long distances in scorching heat of sun with sweating all around, or it rains heavily sometimes your makeup will not flow away causing your face look like a disastrous one.

So, we concluded that waterproof cosmetics are a great way to achieve long-lasting makeup. Because waterproof goods are designed to withstand water, they have the strength to endure all day. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner, on the other hand, will not budge.

6: Use less makeup product for a natural look

Natural Look

Natural look is way more appealing. Isn’t that?

There is a wrong assumption that the more makeup you apply, the more it will last longer. But that is not absolutely true.

When you apply your makeup in light layers, it will remain longer throughout the day. Furthermore, it will produce a more natural-looking result.


7: Use a makeup setting spray

setting sprays

After you are done with makeup, use makeup setting spray as recommended in all makeup tutorials. This will not look your makeup flawless, but it will keep your makeup in place.

Another tip for you is that if you have run out of makeup setting spray you can use hair spray as well. Trust us ! It works.

8: Freshen up your makeup and lip products

freshen up your makeup

One of my favorite long-wearing makeup tips is this!

Making lip products last is undoubtedly a challenge. To keep your makeup appearing smooth all day, you nearly always need to reapply it.

Use your lip liner below your lipstick for a fun little trick to extend the life of your lip cosmetics. This provides a second layer of protection for your lips. Lip gloss, on the other hand, is something you’ll definitely have reapply. There is currently no treatment for lip gloss that has vanished.

9: Avoid touching your face when makeup is applied

avoid touching face

Do not make any contact with your face!

We notice in all makeup tutorials that touching your face repeatedly is one of the primary reasons that our makeup does not last longer. When you touch your face, you’re essentially wiping off the makeup and undoing all of your hard work. It does not deserve of such treatment.

As a result, try not to rest your hands on your face, rub your eyes, or touch your face in any way. Otherwise, believe me when I say you’ll end up with a really unkempt appearance.

10 – Blot rather than applying layers of makeup on your face

no reapplying foundation

Try not to reapply powder foundation throughout the day as a useful advice.

Yes, I understand how enticing it is, but blotting paper is far superior.


Not only can a lot of powder make your skin seem cakey, but it may also remove the powder you currently have on your face.

So, rather than applying more makeup on additional makeup, you should go for the blotting paper.


Do you have any more tips?

You will have a great experience after applying these tips. Let us know some more tips if you have any in the comments below and we will love to share with others!

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